The Sundance Institute


Never one to take the easy route, this video features a 8 1/2 x 13 ft. programmable video wall contained 1,600 red, green and blue LED lights, and featured some of Sundance's favorite films from the last 30 years. The music was composed in close collaboration with sound design, featuring a book closing, fireworks, a rollercoaster, kids, crickets, and the strike of a match.

In the end, the 50-second video, voiced by Robert Redford, is an impressionist's view into the power of a story.

Producers - Carolyn Sams, Wendy Cohen
Director -    Mariana Blanco
Voiceover - Robert Redford
Director of Photography - Larkin Sieple
Gaffer - Matt Ardine
1st AC - Jonathan Dec
2nd AC - Koby Poulton       

Music and Sound Design - Aaron Arntz, TK Broderick
Sound Mix - Tom Marks

VFX Art Director - Dexter Davey
Additional VFX Artist - Nick Tayler, Shonnan Wibrow

Art Direction / Architecture - John Isaac Watters
Additional Architecture - Bruce Chan
Construction Assistance    - Cesar Aguirre, Mac Edwards

On Set Production by Hoodablah
Assistant to Director - Sarah Shreves
Additional Help On Set - Rachel Bargadda, Priscilla Reynado

Web Color Correction - Marc Steinberg
Online & Projector Color Correction - Oasis Imagery